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Operator - a word or symbol, such as + or AND, used in a query which indicates an operation to be performed on one or more words or phrases.

Wildcards - are special symbols that can be used to search for any number of significant characters. Similar to DOS wildcards.

Document list - displays the documents which match your query. The document list appears on the ISYS:web Query Results page following a successful search.

Relevance - The document relevance bar is an expression of the calculated relevance of this document compared to the other documents in the same result set. Ranges are from zero to 100, where 100 is the most relevant. The calculation is based on hit clustering, cluster proximity, document density, word weight and other factors.

Paragraph - by default, a paragraph is considered to end at the next hard return for word processing files and up to the next blank line (i.e. two carriage returns in a row) for ASCII files.

Significant characters - characters which are considered an important part of a word and are indexed. For example, if the hyphen is defined as significant, then "nucleic-acid" is indexed as "nucleic-acid", not as "nucleic acid".

Insignificant characters - characters which are not considered an important part of a word and are not indexed. For example, if the hyphen is defined as insignificant, then "nucleic-acid" is indexed as "nucleicacid".

Punctuation characters - characters which are defined as being neither significant or insignificant are considered as word separators. For example, if the hyphen is a punctuation character, then "nucleic-acid" is indexed as two words, "nucleic" and "acid"..

Hits - words or phrases which match your query.

Hits in context - a word or phrase which matches your query displayed with its surrounding text.

Filters - includes or excludes documents from the document list by the file's path, name and/or date.

Query Results - the documents and words which are found by your query. Results are displayed on the ISYS:web Query Results page.

File Name - the eight character DOS name and three character extension of the document.

Query - the process of telling ISYS:web what you want to find by entering words or phrases along with optional search operators.

Document - documents are the files which have been indexed in the ISYS:web index. The files may be on your local hard drive, a CD-ROM or on your LAN or WAN. Documents may be almost any type of file (e.g. spreadsheet or database) but are usually word processing files or plain ASCII text.

Common Word - a word that is not indexed in your index. Common words appear frequently in your documents and are not useful in your queries. They are primarily excluded to save disk space.

Document Titles - may appear instead of the DOS file name. A specified line in the file is defined as the title by your ISYS:web Administrator.

Index - ISYS:web stores the words and characters in your documents in an Index.

Reverse chronological order - from newest to oldest.

Chronological order - from oldest to newest.

Document format - the type of document, e.g. ASCII, Word for Windows, WordPerfect, etc.

Intelligent Date Handling - ISYS:web can recognize dates in queries when they are expressed in a variety of formats. Examples of valid dates are:

4 15 94 or 4-15-94 or 4/15/94
April 15th, 1994 or 15-apr-94
15 4 94 or 15-4-94 or 15/4/94
15th day of April, 1994

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